The Eidoo ICO Engine offers you a wide range of features to launch and organize your token sale, pre-ICO, or secret pre-sale.


Organize your ICO through user-friendly platforms. Users can join ICOs by using fiat currencies through this website that is directed linked to the Eidoo main website with more than 5,000,000 monthly unique visitors, while the Eidoo app has more than 200,000 downloads.

This can grant you a huge audience for your airdrop.


The strongest security system to ensure the safety of your funding and avoid the risk of assets loss that might be due to computer hacking, program errors, or scams.

Eidoo provides a safe tool that guarantees that the ICO address is always the same so that funds arrive at the startup correctly. This is possible also because we will never show your address publicly.


By joining our ICO Engine service, you can take advantage of the Eidoo strategic potential and the visibility of its advertising channels around the world.

We offer the chance to appear on a wide range of blogs and magazine explicitly related to the blockchain tech, and on internationally influential publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.


The ICO Engine has already been used by us to organize our own successful token sale, and a few more ICOs such as ETHLend.

Click here to watch the video we realized for our token sale, so you can better understand how the ICO Engine works. Also, you can see the whole detailed process in the Eidoo ICO Engine page of the website here.


Have a question? You can find the answers for the most common questions asked.

What is an ICO?

ICO stands for "Initial Coin Offering.” It is a new form of efficient raising of financial resources. Any company can crowdfund its project or become an investor.

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How do you select the ICOs?

We have a professional team to select ICOs that contact us. We study ICOs very carefully because we want our website to present only high-standard ICOs. To do so, we study their whitepaper, team, the usability of the token, etc. That said, of course, we don't guarantee for those third-party ICOs.

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What is the Eidoo ICO Engine?

Eidoo ICO Engine is a tool to join third-party ICOs selected by the Eidoo team. From the user side, you can participate in token sales by purchasing tokens, read info about ICOs, message to other users and send support tickets. From the startup side, you can contact us to have a free quote for your ICO. We offer different services including legal assistance, smart contract creation, KYC, marketing strategy, and more.

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How can I buy tokens?

According to specific deals with each ICOs, you will be able to purchase tokens by using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Decred, and Fiat currencies (EUR, USD, and CHF).
Ethereum payments will be available only through the Eidoo wallet app, while the other methods of payments will be available through this website thanks to a deal with the Swiss exchange Bitmax.

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How can I publish a new ICO?

This website shows only the ICOs supported by Eidoo, so they will be strongly selected according to several factors including but not limited to whitepaper, marketing strategy, team, etc…
In any case, we remember that Eidoo does not take any liability for the ICO itself and that you will be the only one deciding to participate or not to an ICO at your discretion and risk (see chapter below).
Because of this, we don’t allow ICOs to publish their projects directly on our website.
A company or startup will need to fill this form, we will check all info related to the ICOs and we will contact them for more information.
That said, we will approve or refuse the request, according to our valuation.

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What is KYC and how do you conduct it?

The reason why we started to ask you a KYC is the ICO regulation: companies who organize their ICOs won’t be able to move the funds they rise if they cannot demonstrate banks who gave them that money.
Because of this, we have activated the Eidoo KYC (Know your Customer) service. With the KYC service we want to assure that people not authorized in participating to ICO are excluded (e.g., underaged, Chinese and U.S. citizens ) and to be already compliant with AML requirements

When you log in to the icoengine website, you will need to complete Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3, according to the service and the amount of CHF you want to use during the year.

Tier 1 (up to 3’000 CHF per year) is mandatory. Tier 2 (up to 500’000 CHF per year) and Tier 3 (unlimited) are required for all other Eidoo services including but not limited to the hybrid exchange, the Eidoo-branded debit card, and more. Of course, you need to fill the correspondent Tier for the amount you want to use during the whole year.

The KYC is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients, so we will ask you to provide us identity documents, proof of address, bills, and more, according to the Tier you want to verify.

In fact, this KYC process will be the same for all ICOs we organize and for all Eidoo services.

This means that you will need to complete this KYC process only once.

Note: Chinese and U.S. citizens won’t be able to join ICOs.

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I cannot login because my password is incorrect. What can I do?

If you have forgotten your password or password is incorrect, go through account recovery procedure available here.

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Where to report changes for ICO profiles?

Go to our website Contact section. Fill in with accurate data and submit the message. Wait for our editors to come back to you with the ICO updates.
Note: we can request for some clarifications or more details.

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