A world first in digital tokens – revolutionising the global online retail experience

A world first in digital tokens, the Azilowon grants exclusive access to shop in the 7MarketPlace online mall, with unique benefits that revolutionise customers’ e-retail experiences.


10,000,000 USD

Raised so far



10,000,000 USD

Hard Cap

  • About

    The Azilowon is your exclusive way of paying for goods in the 7MarketPlace online shopping mall. Based on secure Ethereum blockchain technology and compatible with ERC20 wallets, it is the digital equivalent of cash, eliminating banking middlemen, speeding up transactions and removing exchange rate uncertainties. The 7MarketPlace online shopping mall itself is the next phase in delivering a superior customer and retailer experience. It will have a transformative effect on e-retail.

    Together, the Azilowon and 7MarketPlace solve customers’ four major online shopping headaches:

    Multicurrency confusion – transactions in foreign currency create uncertainty and are subject to exchange rate volatility

    Lengthy transaction times – the location of the physical despatch centre is not always clear, and buyers can wait a long time between placing an order and receiving their item

    High transaction costs – unpredictable fees by banks, credit card companies or other payment handlers can be excessive and expensive

    Extensive shipping times – long period between placement of the order and despatch of the item, especially if the distribution or warehousing facility is in a different country to the customer

    These common frustrations are resolved by reducing to almost zero the time and cost of processing individual transactions, quoting all prices on the shopping mall in both AWN and selected local currency equivalents, and having plans to establish national online shopping malls and regional distribution sites that are proximate to the primary customer bases.

    Specifically, the unique combination of Azilowon and 7MarketPlace offers customers:

    The opportunity to buy goods on 7MarketPlace that are not available elsewhere

    Participation in 7MarketPlace’s extensive Loyalty and Rewards Programme, through which points can be earned and redeemed across multiple retailers and countries

    Better value due to lower transaction costs (typically a flat rate of around USD 0.20 (twenty US cents) rather than commissions by financial intermediaries that can range from 3% to 20%

    Greater convenience due to higher transaction speeds arising from processing times of around 20 seconds

    By purchasing Azilowon, you can join us on this exciting journey towards a new retail business model.

  • Q3 2018
    FINMA Ruling and approval for the ICO received
    Q1 2019
    Launch of ICO and operational launch of 7MarketPlace online shopping mall
    Q1 2019
    Launch of 7MarketPlace Loyalty and Rewards Programme
    Q2 2019
    Tie-ups with third party retailers in Korea and key markets to expand the product offering
    Q2 2019
    Integration of further language options into 7MarketPlace to support international expansion
    Q1 2020
    Tie-ups with offline (bricks and mortar) stores to accept azilowon as a means of payment
    Q1 2021
    Establishment of a secondary 7MarketPlace market to allow customers to (re)sell items
    Q1 2023
    Creation of local 7MarketPlace online malls in key markets around the world
  • AWN token will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum can be used for mobile payment systems, distributed exchanges, tokens pegged to commodities and fiat currencies, market clearing mechanisms, micropayment systems for distributed computing resources , commodities and securities exchanges, crowdfunding and lefal document verification.

    As an open source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform Ethereum is oriented towards smart contracts. It is a distributed virtual machine that allows end-users to construct smart contracts for transactions.

    A smart contract is a stateful (meaning it keeps track of the state of a transaction or interaction) application that is stored in the Ethereum blockchain. Such contracts are cryptographically secure and serve to verify or enforce performance of the retailer-customer contract.

    Smart token contracts are a standard feature of the Ethereum ecosystem.

    The AWN token will be used as the exclusive payment method on 7MarketPlace.

    Its use serves three primary purposes:

    - to increase the number of customers

    - to improve customers' satisfaction levels

    - to enhance customers' loyalty.

  • The 1,000,000,000 AWN will be distributed as follows:

    Private and public token sale
    200,000,000 AWN (20%)
    200,000,000 AWN (20%)
    Loyalty and Rewards Programme
    200,000,000 AWN (20%)
    • Business development reserve
    200,000,000 AWN (20%)
    Strategic partnerships
    150,000,000 AWN (15%)
    Founders, team and key advisers
    50,000,000 AWN (5%)

    • Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
      Jin Huh
      Republic of Korea
    • Chief Financial and Marketing Officer, Co-founder
      Jacob Oh. Inocentes
      Republic of Korea
    • Director for Multimedia
      Tito Monterde
    • Advisor, Rudel H. Panganiban & Associates
      Rudel Panganiban
    • Advisor, Rudel H. Panganiban & Associates
      Bianca Entrata-Panganiban
    • Advisor, Eidoo
      Filippo Bianchi
    • Advisor, Eidoo
      Vittorio Navone
    • Advisor, Outhouse Communication
      Stuart Garforth
      United Kingdom
    • Advisor, Cryptolab
      Simone Conti
    • Advisor, Smartcop Pilipinas, Inc.
      Jung Soo Jung
      Republic of Korea


ICO Start

07 Jan 2019


07 Jan 2019

  • Token: AWN
  • Price: 1 AWN = 0.10 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting:
  • Country: Switzerland


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