Connecting A. I. & Blockchain


Hypersmart Contracts provide access to more than 1,000 proprietary algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the crypto community and to established businesses


14,000,000 USD

Raised so far



25,000,000 EUR

Hard Cap

  • About

    The ORS Group is a software company of more than 100 IT developers and scientists. It boasts over 20 years of experience in delivering sophisticated A.I.-based optimization software solutions to a large international client base (www.ors.ai). 


    Their new product, the Hypersmart Contracts, provide access to more than 1,000 proprietary algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the Crypto Community and to established businesses (www.orsgroup.io). 

    ORS envisions a global network of entrepreneurs and independent companies empowered by our ABC technology building blocks: Algorithms, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency.

    (read about our journey to the blockchain shores on Medium)


    The very first Hypersmart Contract was sold to Eidoo, in order to make our wallet “hypersmart”.
    Please read the press release here

    Quick FAQ

    Hypersmart Contracts are intelligent connectors (smart daemons with an associated Ethereum account) which (i) activate A.I. algorithms (off-chain) to solve complex efficiency/optimization problems utilizing data stored on-chain by independent, decentralized organizations; and (ii) can release instant crypto payments. 

    ORS Token & Platform

    The development of the ORS Platform & Marketplace (open to third parties) for buying and selling Algorithms and Hypersmart Contracts will enable both established businesses and new blockchain projects from the Crypto Community to dramatically enhance their own business models and gain higher profitability and competitive advantage. Hypersmart Contracts, Algorithms and other digital assets developed by both ORS SA as well as by third parties shall be freely tradeable on the Platform & Marketplace through ORS’ own utility token.


    The ORS token (ORS) is needed in the marketplace to buy, sell and activate Hypersmart Contracts, algorithms and other digital assets within the ORS Platform.

    Part of the ORSs deriving from the sale of services on the platform will be reintroduced into the market to support token liquidity.


    10M in Jan 2018
    Soft Cap: €5M (Raised 10M, reached during the pre-ICO)
    Hard Cap: €25M 
    Tokens to be sold via token sale
    500,000,000 ORS

    • Founder & CTO
      Pierluigi Riva
    • President & Executive Chairman
      Fabio Zoffi
    • Chief Software Architect
      Felice Pollano
    • HSC Community & PM
      Alexander Arotsker
    • Blockchain R&D
      Antonio Vetrò
    • PR Manager
      Jee Abbey Lee
      United States of America
    • Ethereum Developer
      Bryan Woods
      United States of America


ICO Start

14 May 2018


26 May 2018

  • Token: ORS
  • Price: 0.05€
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: Eidoo-ETH
  • Country: Switzerland


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