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    The asset management sector is growing strongly.
    Capitals entrusted to a financial advisor grow at a rate of 10% per year in Italy and 6% per year in Europe.

    The current interest rate scenario helps to fuel this growth because it is no longer possible to obtain a return by buying government bonds. Today, interest rates guaranteed by government bonds are close to zero and sometimes they are negative. This is the reason why the help of financial advisors or wealth managers who can guide the customer is increasingly needed.

    One example is the robo-advisor, an online platform that manages customer’s funds, but there are many difficulties related to this innovative mechanism like for example an high cost of user acquisition and the lack of trust for internet platforms.

    Diaman Partners LTD: the Phi Token issuer

    Diaman Partners was founded 16 years ago with the primary goal of creating a new model of digitized asset management platforms that maintains the figure of the financial advisor giving the final customer complete access to all types of possible investments, including cryptocurrencies.

    The main innovations introduced by Diaman Partners are:

    - Access to exclusive financials tools through the use of Professional Investment Funds (PIFs) that allow the securitization of complex products such as cryptocurrencies;
    - Ability to subscribe financial instruments remotely with facial recognition mechanisms and KYC authentication;

    - Comparison of returns/costs, volatility, drawdowns and other precious info of different investment instruments with similar characteristics creating a platform where the user can choose whom to rely on. It works like a for financial advisors.

    Within the platform the blockchain will be used for the provision of multiple services:

    - KYC / AML and Contracts - The customer identification data and contracts will not be stored in a proprietary database but will be encrypted and hash on the blockchain to guarantee the certain date and the immutability of these documents.
    - Advise - All financial advice on buying / selling from financial advisors is recorded on blockchain to avoid misunderstandings and resolve conflicts on such sensitive issues.

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    The token was created with the aim of creating a remunerative model that allows disintermediating the networks of financial advisors present today.

    Token holders will have the chance to:
    - Access to premium products;
    - Access 30% discounts on specific services (financial newsletter, cryptocurrency newsletter, credit rating, rating, advisor from Diaman or its partners).

    The value of the PHI Token will be closely linked to three mechanisms that regulate the whole system:
    PHI Token as Stake. Any operator who wants to use the platform for free must necessarily buy and immobilize PHI Tokens.
    PHI Token as method of payment. Most of the services offered through the platform can be paid in Fiat and PHI Tokens. These guarantee a 30% cashback.
    PHI Token as Buy Back & Burn. Diaman Partners will use 15% of the performance fees generated by the platform and 50% of the tax refund resulting from the payment of taxes in Malta (about 15% of Ebitda) to buy PHI Tokens in the exchanges in which it will be listed and definitively eliminated. This system generates a scarcity effect that will produce continued growth over time.


    % token sold in pre-ICO
    % tokens sold in ICO
    % tokens for the team
    Total number of Tokens
    24.157.817 PHI
    Locked tokens

    5.57% Airdropio
    5.57% Management Team - 23.6% DIAMAN for development

    • CEO
      Daniele Bernardi
    • CFO
      Francesco Canella
    • CTO
      Marcos Lin
    • COO
      Alex Vella
    • Advisor
      Daniel Heller
      United States of America
    • Advisor
      Paolo Tasca
      United Kingdom


ICO Start

08 Mar 2018


21 Mar 2018

  • Token: PHI
  • Price: 1,61803399$
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting:
  • Country: Malta


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