The definitive Protocol where universities, companies and non-academic training companies meet to certify and guarantee skills in a permanent way.


732 ETH

Raised so far



3,000 ETH

Hard Cap

  • About

    Skillchain is a protocol that allows job seeker, Universities and Non-academic Education companies to store data such as diplomas, e-learning courses, and in-class personal development training programs.

    This will become the most secure way to store personal data which can only be accessed by its owners or by people that have been authorized to do so. Primary and secondary schools, career paths, e-learning platforms, non-academic training courses will be some of the data stored in one simple key sequence that can be used by job seekers or people in search of that perfect employee.

    The skillchain's goal is to globalize the Life Skill Passport, through which everyone will get a personal profile which certifies their academic credentials, participation in non-academic training courses, their skills, previous work experience and recommendations received. It will be user-friendly, quickly accessible, and subject to the profile owner's desire for privacy. But this is just the beginning. This application can incorporate any certifiable skill, people's career paths, or even personality test results of candidates applying for a job. 

  • Q3 2017
    Feasibility Study and Idea
    Q4 2017
    Concept Development
    Q4 2017
    Prospect and Relations Development
    Q1 2018
    API Project and process
    Q1 2018
    API and Skillchain Tool Prototyping
    Q2 2018
    Online Skillchain Tool
    Q2 2018
    App Development
    Q3 2018
    Skillchain Edu Platform online, App on Android/iOS
  • The SKILLCHAIN(SKI) is a standard ERC20 Ethereum token managed by a smart contract. SKI will be only created once, during the crowdsale and will consist of a maximum supply of


    SKI serve the platform for the following main functions:


    1. Enrolling small formal / non-formal eduction in Skillchain platform. 

    2. Upgrade the membership and access Premium features:


    a. For job seeker

      i. Additional data analytics about how the user can enhance their profile

      ii. Make their profile become more visible

      iii. Provide job market insight 

      iv. Provide suggestions about the new connections that they should connect 

      v. Get discount to enroll specific course in Skillchain platform 

    b. For employer 

      i. Provide search engine recommendations of most suitable candidates 

      ii. Additional access to do brand marketing to specific people

      iii. Advanced data analytics 

      iv. Get an access to cross-check the employee's profile 

    3. Fees from transactions, non-basic operations, exchange to other cryptocurrencies.

    4. Publishing any small / non-formal course in Skillchain platform.

  • The Token Economy allows the following distribution:

    35%Company Reserve
    10%Airdrop & Bounty

    Max Token supply: 190.800.000 SKI

    • Founder
      Alfio Bardolla
    • Co-Founder - Marketing & Relations
      Davide Mitscheunig
    • Product Manager
      Alecos Colombo
    • CTO
      Enrico Tosi
    • Business Development Manager
      Alessandro Sandionigi
    • Asia Representative
      Giorgia Pellizzari
    • Advisor
      Christian Ferri
    • Advisor
      Davide Baldi
    • Advisor
      Sonia Giudici
    • Advisor
      Giuseppe Perrone
    • Advisor
      Giacomo Bruno
    • Advisor
      Christopher Johnston
      United Kingdom
    • Advisor
      Alessandro Arrighi
    • Advisor
      Amedeo Guffanti


ICO Start

06 Apr 2018


26 Apr 2018

  • Token: SKI
  • Price: 1 ETH = 4200 SKI
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting:
  • Country: Switzerland


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