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The only project offering a viable and a real solution to the ancient dream of having the power of ubiquity.


12,000,000 USD

Raised so far



30,000,000 USD

Hard Cap

  • About

    Ubiatar is the only one project that offers a viable and efficient solution to the ancient dream of having the power of ubiquity. People just need a normal smartphone (the Avatar); everything that is seen and heard by the Avatar is sent over the network to the Person at home (Usar) that in turn directs the Avatar so that he/she acts as his/her remote body.

    The directions are given with a revolutionary GUI (Graphical User Interface) superimposed over the live video stream.
    Ubiatar allows users to be everywhere in the world thanks to a marketplace that links together Usars and Avatars.
    A Usar is a person that needs or wants to be in another part of the world, while the avatar is a person on the other side of the world who, in exchange for a fee, accesses the service and makes available his physical presence and his smartphone (camera and microphone).
    The Usar looks for an Avatar in his area of interest on a rating basis, price and field of skills required.

    Once the Usar choose his favorite avatar from his laptop or smartphone, he has full access of the microphone and camera of the Avatar. He can take pictures, film videos, chat with the avatar and guide him according to his needs thanks to several intuitive icons that will appear in the top right corner of the app. These icons are very useful especially when the usar and the avatar don't speak the same language.

    This is the very first time that similar platforms use icons, and this is the reason why Ubiatar has a patent for that.
    The marketplace will be integrated by a social platform. It will be possible to fill your own profile page with images, comments, logos, etc...
    Ubiatar is a p2p system based on the Amazon Web Services cloud that guarantees its scalability.
    The mobile app is already available and free for iOS and Android devices.

  • Q4 2017
    Ubiatar technology development and worldwide distribution
    This step has already occurred. The ubiatar platform and technology are available; at this moment the current online production version is 2.14 The mobile apps for Apple iOS products and Android devices are publicly available on the relevant marketplaces. Webbased applications, that do not require any installation and run on the fy, are available for all the major browsers and are currently working in the feld over any operating system and any computer from private homes to big companies, even with closed systems.
    Q1 2018
    Crowdfunding activity to collect resource to develop the marketplace from the technological and commercial point of view and for the following steps. The resources collected will be used for software development, blockchain creation and extensive promotion to grow the Marketplace user base.
    Q2 2018
    Marketplace platform development
    Software development for the marketplace services: list of users, social network-like user pages with images, world map location and description of services ofered and limitation to operations that can be performed. Ranking System development and integration. The marketplace has been presented at the Las Vegas CES 2018.
    Q2 2018
    Wallet and ubiatar card
    We want to give to the users of the Marketplace the option to store value with crypto currencies directly into the ubiatar app and use them when they need, even in the real world with standard debit cards.
    Q3 2018
    Start of the marketplace with advertising and special events to spread the knowledge of this new platform. Growth hacking initiatives for the rapid dominance of this new market. The target of registered users is set at 10.000 unique signups in the frst three months. We expect the start of substantial revenues from this phase, with a large part of them used for cash & burn to continuously grow the Ubiatar Token value. VR platform development, to create a real immersive experience for all Usars and free the Avatars form the camera positioning task.
    Q3 2018
    UbiatarPlayLiveBroadcastWorldwide campaign
    A specifc investment into at least one thousand Avatars that will be paid directly from UbiatarPlay to broadcast live from the streets and interesting areas of the places where they live. Sponsors will be found to cover in part or in full the amounts of ubiatar coins that will be given to the working Avatars.
    Q4 2018
    Narrative and creative cross-cultural contests
    To create awareness and involvement, UbiatarPlay will sponsor contests to publish the most interesting narrative works based on ubiatar technology stories. UbiatarPlay will also support cultural exchanges the world over, using its telepresence technologies over the HumanEmpowermentNetwork.
    Q1 2019
    Partnerships and structures for large AvatarEcommerceServices
    A subsequent important step is to develop a pervasive AvatarEcommerceServices system, to enter this very lucrative world now exclusive of platform like Amazon. By leveraging the Avatars base we will be ofering powerful option to buy item wherever in the world, directly from the shops while-you-watch, and have them delivered directly to controlling Usars.
  • All transactions within the Ubiatar marketplace will be paid in Ubiatar coin (UAC) so to have an only one method of payment that is independent of the bank system or other issues that might happen in case of international payments.

    This Ubiatar coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ERC20 standard.

    For each transaction, Ubiatar will charge:

    50% if the Avatar is a CASUAL user;

    70% if the Avatar is a business company OR A GROUP OF AVATAR WITH A COMMON NAME 

    In the near future, an Avatar Ecommerce Services will be launched so a Usar will be able to ask an Avatar to buy him a product. This service will have a 20% commission to be divided into two equal parts: Avatar (10%) and the Ubiatar platform (10%).

  • Token sold during the pre-ICO 16,5%
    Token to be sold during the ICO 15%
    Token team: 12% - Founders
    6% - Advisors
    Total Supply 100.000.000 UAC
    Circulating supply 15.000.000 UAC during ICO
    17.000.000 UAC after 6 months
    40.500.000 UAC after 126 months
    Token Locked 85.000.000 UAC

    12% Founders
    Locked for 12 months

    6% Advisor
    Locked for 9 months

    16,5% Presale
    Locked for 12 months

    50,5% UbiatarPlay - Marketing
    Unlocked this way:
    - 2% after 3 months
    - 4% after 6 months
    - 6% after 12 months
    - 8% after 9 months
    - 10% after 18 months
    - 20.5% after 24 months
    • CTO
      Fulvio Dominici
    • CFO
      Francesco Raco
    • CEO
      Maria Elena Gitto
    • CTO
      Antonio Giordano
    • COO
      Marco Lucchetti


ICO Start

09 May 2018


08 Jun 2018

  • Token: UAC
  • Price: $2 per token
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting:
  • Country: Switzerland


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